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Our Promise understands that community impact is huge in helping sustain our mission. We have so many dedicated young men and women that volunteer every year.


The Young Men of Distinction, founded by Our Promise, is a unique personal development experience for select high school boys. It provides training in leadership skills, community service, cancer education and awareness, as well as fundraising. During their time as a YMOD, the boys will begin building strong resumes, learn how they can best use their personal talents as a leader, and create friendships and memories to last a lifetime. They will volunteer a minimum of 30 hours of their time to help others and experience the spirit of community volunteerism. We are very proud of these young men.


Debutante Coterie

Debutantes are graduating high school seniors who participate in several

programs, volunteer at the cancer clinics, provide handmade jewelry and chemotherapy blankets, and donate snacks and beautiful hats for the patients. Through their donations each

year, they will maintain the resource-community center portion of the Our Promise House. They have pledged to volunteer there with patients by keeping them company, serving meals and hosting educational and art therapy programs.

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Clover Club

Clover Club members pledge to financially support The Our Promise House and what it
stands for. They will also have access to special volunteer opportunities within the
House, such as answering phones, providing meals and snacks, helping with support groups and so much more. The Our Promise foundation doesn’t just strive to help patients financially; we want to take care of the patient and their families as a whole.

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